What is ZTX? Overview of the top-rankings Metaverse Land project in the market

ZTX, the Web3 virtual world and creative platform, has announced the launch of the Genesis Home collection in partnership with OpenSea. In about five days since August 31, this collection has increased 17 times since its mint price, showing the tremendous heat that this Metaverse brings. So, what does this project have especially? Let’s find out with Kretos.

What is ZEPETO?

Zepeto is the largest Metaverse platform in Asia, with over 400 million registered users, over 20 million monthly active users, and over 2.5 billion virtual items traded on the platform.

Over 2 million registered creators are making up to six-figure USD incomes annually, creating assets and 3D worlds for fellow users. There are also over 200 brands offering virtual goods or experiences on the web2 ZEPETO platform, including Gucci, Nike, Ralph Lauren and many more.

What is ZTX?

“Build, Play, Earn”

Founded in 2022, ZTX is the blockchain initiative backed by Jump Crypto and ZEPETO — the Asia’s largest web2 digital world platform with over 400 million registered users.

ZTX is an open-world Metaverse built on blockchain. It focused on interoperability, scalability, and empowering players, creators, and communities. However, ZTX differentiates itself by expanding the experience beyond what is currently available in ZEPETO by leveraging creativity and monetization through on-chain ownership of real assets.

ZTX introduces this new immersive world to a group of crypto users and ZEPETO users. Emphasis on education and empowerment, providing all users with access to web3 tools, experiences regardless of platform by leveraging:

  • ZEPETO platform architecture
  • Web2 user base
  • Cooperate with famous global brands

Characteristics of ZTX

ZTX introduces aspects of decentralized finance, a powerful multi-layered economic model based on the Districts their residents govern.

In the Metaverse of ZTX, there will be 4 Genesis Districts:

  • Games District: A place where people participate in playing games to earn rewards.
  • Arts District: Where artists, creators, and communities celebrate the potential of NFTs.
  • Financial District: The financial center where DeFi is a top priority.
  • Fashion District: Fashion capital gathering designers, brands and fashion enthusiasts.

Types of assets

ZTX World

ZTX will not have available maps with a limited number of lands like Sandbox. Instead, ZTX will create unlimited and completely free Lands (e.g. community-owned Districts and user-owned Lands).

Downtown Genesis – Beta

This will be the first open-world area of ZTX. Downtown Genesis contains information about future plans. The city center will be divided into four previews, each featuring the original four Districts.


The districts, which will launch after the Beta, are themed open-world areas where users can freely explore. There will be streets, buildings, events, public spaces where the majority of economic and social activities take place. Each District will be managed by members who own NFT District Home.

NFT District Home which includes:

  • Downtown: Center of economic activity associated with each district
  • Open world: Area for players to meet and interact with each other


Lands are an environment owned and developed by individuals. They are completely free, unlimited, customizable and scalable. Lands have features such as planting, harvesting, selling materials to create assets or selling for GOLD (an in-game currency). These contributes to improving the user’s ability to experience and collect more assets.

In addition, Lands is a means of expression for users to enhance personalization, becoming an exchange space for each player.

When creating a ZTX account, user will receive a plot of land. These Lands will come with a basic set of ZTX assets (base package). These and any previously purchased ZTX NFTs can be placed on the Lands at the user’s discretion.

Avatar Builder

Avatars are a key aspect of ZEPETO’s core product, leveraging existing technology to deliver great personal experiences for players. This will be done through ZTX Avatar Builder.

The Avatar Creator will allow users to customize their appearance/outfit, support 3D viewing, and integrate with ZTX Marketplace.


Gold is an in-game currency that users can exchange for materials or purchase with $ZTX. Exchanges take place through the in-game currency trading center. The benefits of gold include:

  • Buy materials and resources from other players
  • Buy the architectural plan and design costs
  • Buy items denominated in gold
  • Buy tickets to the games
  • Participate in the lottery.

The total value of assets on the plot of land will create the Land Appraisal score. This score is used to encourage increased creativity and highlight top players.

Some other types of assets

There are two types of expansion assets:

  • Assets designed and launched by ZTX (base package assets)
  • Assets designed and launched by creators


ZTX will have a variety of user experiences, with most activities taking place in the Downtown area depending on the District:

  • Portal games: Brings players to a P2P space competing to win tokens.
  • Mini games: Will take place in the Downtown area. They work like video games with leaderboards and entry costs. For example, players can go to an interactive basketball court with an NPC, where the winner can gain tokens.
  • Activities by topic: Each District will have an diverse list of activities for users to experience. Activities will be themed depending on the organizing district (Games, Arts, Financial, Fashion).

Key metrics NFT ZTX Genesis Home

TokenTracker: ZTX Genesis Homes (ZTX)

Supply: 4,000 NFTs

Blockchain: Arbitrum

NFT Contract: 0x35373efc2FD7D852729cae869Cc32acc979100bD

Information about Tokens

ZTX takes a multi-layered approach to economic modeling. $ZTX will play an important currency role in the ecosystem. There will also be assets such as GOLD and Marterials (used to craft NFTs and participate in games).

$ZTX allows governance at multiple levels. Additionally, part of the economic activity that takes place in ZTX and on products such as ZTX Marketplace, will be distributed to stakeholders.


  • Avatar Builder: Personalize your 3D avatar to enter the Metaverse.
  • Genesis Home mint: Opening for sale of the first 4,000 NFTs on Arbitrum.
  • Wearables Collection: Introducing fashion accessories that can be equipped to the Avatar.
  • Beta Launch: Launching the first version of the ZTX metaverse, and allowing users to explore the world, other owners’ Genesis Homes through Avatars.
  • Token Launch: Launching of $ZTX.
  • Beta Downtown: Launching an open-world experience area including 4 Districts, social experiences and game portal.
  • ZTX Olympics: Each District chooses players to represent at the annual ZTX Olympics (which may include sports, such as skiing or basketball, or many Metaverse-only games).
  • Party at home: A pretty cool social feature ZTX dedicated to helping organize digital social gatherings, a new way to socialize online.
  • Creator Studio and SDK: Equipping creators with more advanced tools for building infrastructure.
  • Creator Launchpad: An extension of the NFT Marketplace where ZTX creators can showcase upcoming products.

Project team

Core Team

  • The ZTX team is led by Chris Jang, as CEO
  • Some former senior employees come from Apple, Roblox, Epic Games
  • Some developers come from large ecosystems such as Solana, Flow and Cosmos


On August 17, 2023, ZTX announced the completion of its $13 million capital call led by Jump Crypto and other investment funds such as Collab Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 and EVG.

ZTX Information Channel

Website: https://ztx.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZTXofficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/ztx

Medium: https://medium.com/ztx-official


ZEPETO is a huge Metaverse company in the top 4 in the world (after Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft) and the largest in Asia, valued at more than 1 billion USD with 20 million monthly users. Accordingly, if ZTX only needs to push 0.1% (~20,000) users from ZEPETO on Web 2 to Web 3, ZTX can also become the Metaverse with the largest number of active users.

With over 5 years of experience in the Metaverse field, ZTX promises to bring a new wave to the Metaverse industry with a gameplay that is not just limited to Web 3.