What is Yogapez? Overview the app “Health to Earn” stirring up the NFT community

YogaPetz is a “more than just NFT” collection that is highly appreciated by the community with a unique initiative to solve users’ health and personal development issues.

What is Yogapetz?

YogaPetz (YGPZ) is a decentralized wellness ecosystem that represents balance, consciousness, and community.

YogaPetz includes a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Each NFT contains a message and grants benefits to participate in an ecosystem that allows for the improvement and development of total physical and mental health and receive rewards based on operates in the ecosystem through 4 main branches: Meditate; Yoga; Breath; Sleep.

YogaPetz emphasizes calming, spiritual methods such as chanting, meditation, breathing, sleep, mindfulness or many other related physical and mental health methods, not just Yoga.

Yogiverse ecosystem

YPGZ Resort

The YGPZ platform will include two main segments:

  • SocialFi: includes Petzland, Content Creation (UGC), and Community Activities.
  • GameFi: includes Yogapetz, Token Rewards, and Game items.

YogaPetz NFT

Each YogaPetz represents a location within the YogaPetz Resort. Each resident can enjoy access to exclusive utilities and events such as “Breathe to Earn” games, IRL events, latest project releases…

All YogaPetz NFTs function as VIP card on the YGPZ platform ecosystem. Although it is a public platform and accessible to everyone, YogaPetz holders will enjoy a lot of benefits compared to non-holders. For example:

  • 1 YogaMat will be airdropped to all YogaPetz owners
  • Staking and earn $PRANA
  • Treasure Box monthly
  • IRL products, events, perks are exclusive to the owner only.


Basically, Petzland will be like joining a guild in other games, users can choose to buy or rent a Petzland. After moving in, $PRANA tokens can be earned depending on the size of Petzland.

There will be 4 different sizes (Small/Medium/Large/Mega) of Petzland and some Petzlands are owned by YogaPetz partners. Depending on the size and number of residents of Petzland, it will bring in a different percentage of $PRANA revenue. If you are the owner of 1 Petzland, you can also decorate your own island and turn it into a paradise according to your own wishes.

Within each land, YogaPetz NFT holders will also receive various quests and events offered by the landowner or organization leader, providing opportunities to earn more $PRANA.

Content creation (UGC)

Each user on the ecosystem can create their own content on the YGPZ social network (e.g., Yoga tutorial videos, music therapy sessions or just a personal story).

The YGPZ Resort platform engages the community, creates activity streams such as Breathworks, Yoga, Sleep Techniques… UGC creates an environment that provides community-centered data. Every user can interact with creators through tips ($PRANA & $KARMA), comments and likes.

Creative content will be available for free to all users.

Token Rewards

Users can practice four types of activities: Breathing, Sleep, Yoga and Meditation. The main goal is to stay consistent and build a healthy routine. Once the goal is achieved, users will be rewarded with $PRANA or $KARMA based on the level.

In-game items

  • YogaMat: is one of the central items in game. It will be given to YogaPetz owners for free. YogaMat comes in a variety of shapes and uses, so users should choose wisely which one to buy or strategically level up depending on their preferred exercise.
  • Gems: is an item to increase the attributes of YogaPetz and YogaMat.
  • IRL Rewards: Including yoga classes, meditation courses, training, and premium offline experiences. All of them will be available for exchange in $PRANA and $KARMA.

Key metric NFT

  • TokenTracker: Yogapetz (Yogapetz)
  • Supply: 10.000 NFT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • NFT Contract: 0x142e03367ede17cd851477a4287d1f35676e6dc2


Dual token model $PRANA and $KARMA


$PRANA (Administrative Token)


$KARMA (Platform Token)




Project team


Keungz & Kakarot are two OGs in the NFT space. They are also the founder of NFT collections, KZG and Kubz, which stir up community in the earlier this year.

Kakarot has experience in App development. Currently, he is running a healthcare app called HappyChant.

Advisory board

There are many influential individuals in the NFT and Web 3 community, including leading experts in the field of health and personal development.


Official information channel YogaPetz

Website: yogapetz.com 

Discord: discord.gg/yogapetz

Twitter: twitter.com/yogapetz

Keungz: twitter.com/keung

Kakarot: twitter.com/Kakarot_F23