What is the Mittaria? The key opens the $300 million metaverse of a company accounting for a third of Thailand’s GDP

What is Mittaria?

Mittaria is a central platform with the aim of connecting creative talents from around the world. Essentially, the project will establish a global network of animation artists, writers, researchers, and fans to jointly produce next generation shows and movies on the Web3.

Recently, the project has released the first NFT collection – Mittaria Genesis NFTs. This collection includes 5.555 unique art versions of Mitra (story character of the Mittaria universe) as the key to entering the Translucia Metaverse.

The Mittaria Genesis NFT collection on OpenSea

What is Translucia?

Translucia is an expanded Metaverse between blockchain and distributed computing, 5G integrated into a 3D virtual world.

Translucia, invested by Sygnum (Swiss cryptocurrency bank headquartered in Singapore) and T&B Media Global (Thailand media and entertainment group), has just raised more than 300 million USD in funding.

With Translucia, users can develop a model of economic and social exchange through culturally informed experiences. These take the important part of a launching pad for partners to build an interconnected universe of metadata, thereby creating new revenue streams by combining real and virtual experiences.

The first corporate partner to participate Translucia is Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC). This is a famous real estate developer in Thailand with more than 20 ongoing projects. MQDC intended to create a metaverse that integrates digital buildings with its real-world properties.

Next, Sygnum provided T&B Media Global with a comprehensive corporate finance solution, called Strategic Digital Asset Solutions.

In sum, there is a high possibility of integrating virtual real estate into this Translucia and the public scale of the metaverse is bringing huge opportunities in the field of digital real estate. Imagine a day when you no longer need to carry a certificate of land use rights, instead of having an NFT whose value is equivalent to unique data stored on the blockchain.

Information about Mittaria Genesis NFT

NFT key metrics

  • TokenTracker: Meters Genesis (MTG)
  • Supply: 2.222 NFT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • NFT Contract: 0x8ff2e72f8faf05384aeb501ba9644c9759d2fd5f

NFT use case

  • Access Translucia Metaverse
  • Receive airdrop $LUCIUM token
  • Participate and vote in the creative community
  • Access to over 5.000 IPs from T&B Media Global
  • Access to the ICO of Translucia’s native $LUCIUM token
  • Receive Free airdrops of new NFT sets in the future.





Project team

T&B Media Global is a world-famous entertainment company belonging to C&P Group, accounting for 30% of Thailand’s GDP. This company has cooperated with many major media partners in the world.

Currently, Translucia has raised a series B round and Animoca Brands may participate. In the September 2023, the Mittaria and Translucia groups signed an MOU with Yat Siu’s Animoca Brands.

The interesting thing is that T&B Media’s scale is much larger than Animoca. T&B stands behind Mittaria. Behind T&B is CP Group, which accounts for 1/3 of Thailand’s GDP and invests a lot of money in financial activities.


As Southeast Asia continues to “carve” a name for itself in the Web3 space, Thailand is emerging as a champion of the revolutionary new technology. With the $300 million Metaverse – Translucia, it is expected that Mittaria will be “the golden key”, opening a new digital revolution.