Ronin Network – The ideal ecosystem for web3 games

Ronin Network and RON Token are becoming increasingly relevant in the blockchain gaming segment (Web3). With a strong return and development, this is the time you should pay special attention to this ecosystem.

History and achievements

Ronin is the home of Axie Infinity, one of the pioneering projects of the gamefi trend. The game has generated more than $1.3 billion in revenue and more than 1.9 million users.

This demonstrates Ronin’s ability to scale and handle large volumes of players and NFT transactions. Ronin served millions of players and processed over $4 billion in NFT trading volume.

Ronin’s game platform

Ronin owns its own game platform called “Mavis Hub,” which introduces and launches various Web3 games to the community.

The platform also has Greenlight, which offers great opportunities for developers to develop and test their products.

NFT Market

Mavis Market, Ronin’s NFT marketplace, provides a platform for developers to monetize their game assets and collectibles through both official sales and secondary markets.

Ronin wallet

Ronin develops its own wallet application, allowing users to manage and convert their assets on the Ronin network, providing a digital identity experience and 100% asset ownership.

Wallet is an indispensable part to interact with any blockchain. Ronin has launched a blockchain-specific wallet product called Ronin Wallet. Ronin Wallet has a fairly simple design for users to easily manage tokens and NFTs.

Ronin Wallet is integrated into all dapps on Ronin, and also has features that help users easily buy ETH, RON, AXS directly with fiat money. Users who want to participate in the Ronin ecosystem, farming, or soon staking RON will need to use Ronin Wallet.

Decentralized exchange

Ronin also created Katana – an exchange that allows users to swap popular tokens in the Ronin ecosystem.

Development potential

Ronin is in a potential stage of development. In the next 2-3 years, this ecosystem can expand 5-10 times by attracting millions of players, integrating more third-party games and expanding more NFT collections.

Potential of tokens

We are still in the early stages of this space, but the future of Ronin and their vision shows great promise and potential in the Web3 gaming sector. There are 3 important factors to monitor the potential growth of $RON in the market:


  • Trading volume in Mavis Marketplace.
  • Introducing tokenomics and new token pairs in the Ronin ecosystem.
  • List tokens on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance & Coinbase.

Ronin Network plays a key role in the Web3 gaming ecosystem, providing the blockchain infrastructure necessary for developers to create decentralized and player-centric games.

Axie Jam

Axie Game Jam is a 2-week game making competition where independent game developers or teams come together to create a game that fits the theme.

The theme of the contest will be set right from the start of product submission. The game should be developed during the contest period and using the Axie Generator Tool Kit.

All games will be voted based on the following criteria: Game Design, Fun, Graphics and Innovation by the public. The judges will then play the top voted games and choose a winner.

Top games in Ronin Network’s ecosystem

  • Pixels
  • Project T
  • Battle Bears
  • Tribesters: Island of Solas
  • Axie Champions
  • Wild Forest
  • Directive Games: The Machines Arena
  • Bowled